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Seeking and Sharing
 the Love of Jesus!
Show me Your ways, 
teach me Your paths!
Lead me in Your truth, and teach me: 
for You are the God 
of my salvation;
On You I wait
all the day.
Psalms 25:4-5

Discipleship is not a class,
a degree you can earn, a quick process,
a seminar, a 12 week Bible Study,
reserved for super Christians, a program,
or a 40 day home group.
Discipleship is not hard, a quick fix,
or an option for blood bought born again 
followers of Christ.
Discipleship is not a lot of things
but it is intentionally equipping believers 
with the Word of God 
through accountable relationships 
empowered by the Holy Spirit
in order to replicate faithful
followers of Christ.
The result of biblical discipleship 
is bearing fruit for Christ.

 John 15:8
By this my Father is glorified,
that you bear much fruit and
so prove to be my disciples.
 Sunday Evenings:
 6:30pm - 7:30pm 
A time to be encouraged and uplifted
through Bible study.
Led by: Bro. Milton Knox
D-Groups !!!
We have several people who meet with small groups
 to specifically equip them with the Word through the power of
the Holy Spirit as a way of making disciples who make disciples.
If you would like to be discipled
as Peter, James, and John were discipled by Christ, 
please call the office (423-775-0255) and
speak with Anthony McCully, Minister of Education/Youth.
We would love for you to join in !!!
Wednesday Evenings:
   6:30pm - 7:30pm 
A time to be encouraged and uplifted
through Bible study.
Led by: Bro. Milton Knox

Food Group Ministry:

Our church has four food groups that prepare meals for families in our church who have experienced a new birth, or

the death of a family member.

When an event occurs, we call on one of the groups, and

each person in the group prepares one or two food items and brings it to the church.

The food provided is a great way to minister to families

in their time of need.

"I Don't cook!", you say??

That's ok… 

Join a group, and when called upon, donate cash, and someone in the group will provide a food item for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is always a way to serve!

If you are not currently on one of the food groups,

but would like to be, call the church office to volunteer.



🔦   Mission Spotlight:   🔦

    What a pleasure it was to be with you this past January! Thank you for receiving us so well. As our commissioning and sending church, we thank God for our family foundations formed at FBCD and your faithful prayers and support throughout our twelve years with…

    With a mission of having a Christ-follower on every team in the world, we use the platform of sport to demonstrate victory beyond competition -- hope, peace, power and joy found in Jesus. Our roles include providing leadership and support for special events at NBA All-Star weekend and the NCAA Men’s Final Four as well as training leaders in life and ministry through our Captain’s Academy, International Coaches’ Academy, and chaplaincy with USA Basketball at the Olympics and World Championships. 

    Many of these relationships begin and/or grow through summer tours – using basketball and humanitarian aid to come alongside and accelerate AIA ministry around the globe. Consistently witnessing life change and freedom through the power of the Gospel drives us to serve with zeal… every day… for the glory of God.        

    With love, 

    Coach Mo and Kelly

    (First Baptist supports the Michalski's with $2,295 annually)


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