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Included on this page are sermons presented in our pulpit, available for free. God bless you!

Date   Speaker
 11/25/12  Milton Knox, pastor
 11/18/12  Milton Knox, pastor
 11/11/12, a.m.  Milton Knox, pastor 
 11/4/12  Milton Knox, pastor 
 10/28/12  Milton Knox, pastor 
 10/21/12, p.m.  Milton Knox, pastor 
 10/21/12, a.m.  Milton Knox, pastor
 10/14/12, p.m.  Anthony McCully, Minister of Youth/Education
 10/14/12, a.m.  Anthony McCully, Minister of Youth/Education 
 9/30/12  Milton Knox, pastor
 9/16/12  Milton Knox, pastor
 9/9/12  Anthony McCully, Minister of Youth/Education

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