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Your unchanging
is my delight, 
and the 
of my footsteps.
Psalm 119:24

Sunday School is L.I.F.E.

Sunday School is vitally important for Christian growth.

Sunday School ia a place where we ~
· Learn and apply God's word for our spiritual and personal growth.
· Invite other people weekly for their spiritual and personal growth.
·Fellowship with one another for the purpose of connecting and 
meeting each others holistic needs.
·Engage in service with fellow class members both inside and 
outside the walls of our church.

The importance of Sunday School is lost over time as it is viewed 
as one more hour in church, stealing our sleep on our day off, 
or simply as an unnecessary portion of our life. 
However, Sunday School is a necessary part of our growth as we seek to 
do L.I.F.E. together.

We have Sunday School Classes for all ages: 
Birth  to  Sr. Adult.
9:00 on Sunday Mornings.

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