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Remember now your

Creator in the days of 

your youth,

before the difficult 

days come, 

and the years

draw near

when you will say,

"I have no pleasure

in them"

Ecclesiastes 12:1

Grades 6 - 12
Wednesday evenings @ 6:30pm
Sunday mornings @ 9:00am

Teaching Topic: Culture

We are continuing our video series by David Platt, 

the President of the International Missions Board,

entitled Counter Culture.  

David Platt calls followers of Christ to a contrite, compassionate, and courageous response to the most controversial issues in our culture.  

We have workbooks that follow each lesson. 

God is working through our 20 minute small group discussions as we wrestle with each topic.  

Pastor Anthony


May  8   All Day   Strawberry Parking


May  9  @  8 am - 12 noon   Strawberry Parking

May 15  ~ 7 pm   RCHS Graduation
May 17  @  10:15 am   Graduate Recognition

 June 29 - July 3   Youth Camp
at Camp Crossings, Kentucky  - $125

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