Online Giving, FBC Dayton

Here are a couple instructions for our online giving service:

1. Please call the church office and speak with our Financial Secretary, Amanda Anderson or email her at to see if we already have your email on file. If we do not, Amanda will be happy to add your email to our files.

2. An email address is required for online giving. 

3. Contributions can be given by members or guests. If giving without an account (as a guest) an individual can give anonymously if desired. 

4. Members must create a login for it to be applied to their contribution record. Members’ email addresses must already be on file at the church for it to connect with their record. 

**NOTE: If you create an account without matching it with the email we have on file, there will be multiple entries on your contribution report. This will make the report incorrect so please make sure you call the church office first before you create an account.