Grades 6 - 12

Wednesday evenings @ 6:15pm

Sunday mornings @ 9:00am

Sunday nights @ 6:30pm

To Powerhouse Families,

    This month we will study a series entitled EVOLVE. It is all about family dynamics and how relationships change as everyone in the family matures, grows older, and hopefully wiser. It’s no secret that parenting teenagers is tough work. Sometimes there is yelling, sometimes silence, sometimes teenagers and their parents are best friends and at other times they are not. But what happens when our parents are no longer the primary voice speaking into our life, we need someone else speaking into our life with wisdom. It is important for you to be proactive in finding a wise person or people who can walk with you through these teenage years as you EVOLVE. A wise person is not just an authority figure. A wise person is not someone who has nice things and seems successful. A wise person is not someone who tries to get you to look just like them. Rather, a wise person is someone who can allow you to be who you are while helping you navigate through these wonderful—and sometimes confusing—teen years. A wise person is someone you have seen turn to God time and time again for their source of strength and their sense of character. A wise person knows that true wisdom comes from God.

-Pastor Anthony


(All event information is available on a post card in the Youth Room.)

As Always, Bring a Friend!!