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Sunday nights @ 6:30pm

To Powerhouse Families,

     Hey, that’s not in the Bible! Have you ever thought this? Have you ever quoted “scripture” thinking it was somewhere in God’s book only to find out later that it was not? Listen, scriptures show up quite often in pop culture—from movies to rock stars. These attempts at grabbing onto what the Bible actually says can miss it, by a lot. You see, we’ve got some “everybody knows” notion about God’s Word that borrow much more from Western principles than they do from the Wisdom literature. You could say they're something like the “old wives’ tales” that popular imagination has attributed to the Good Book. So, what verses do people think are in the Bible but really aren’t? We are going to find out this month.

-Pastor Anthony


(All event information is available on a post card in the Youth Room.)

July 3rd - 8th: Youth Camp @ Crossings in KY. 

August 5th: Back to School Retreat at Splash Country Sign-up Sheet and details are available in the youth room.

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