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To Powerhouse Families,


      Everyone is back to school and families are starting to find their rhythm. We started a new Wednesday night youth study called, Now What? Praise God that the study is already producing fruit!  

      The Now What? study has also produced other interesting findings. What would you say if I told you a good number of our youth think salvation is works based? Too often I am fearful that we make assumptions, especially of those we have served in church with for years. Are we confident they truly “know” Christ? And can we say we truly love them if we don’t ensure they understand salvation in a way that they can explain themselves?  

       This article is different from any of my previous ones. The goal is not to produce doubt. However, the facts resulting from our study with some we would have considered being well trained in the Word, have shaken my confidence in how well we are discipling. 

      We all must take this as a personal wakeup call. Make no assumptions when it comes to where our loved ones will spend eternity. I pray this sparks serious conversation with family and friends. Talk with everyone you love. If you need some advice or would like to discuss with someone, please contact a pastor or a Sunday School teacher. Don’t wait! This is far too important!

Educating, Encouraging, and Equipping,

Derrick Russell

Ephesians 4:11-16


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As Always, Bring a Friend!!