Grades 6 - 12

Wednesday evenings @ 6:15pm

Sunday mornings @ 9:00am

Sunday nights @ 6:30pm

To Powerhouse Families,


           Thanksgiving and Christmas are such a wonderful way to finish a year strong. But as you start a New Year, what are you looking forward to?  

           New Year’s Resolutions are filled with hopes of changing something. Many people decide they want to change their diet and increase exercise. You might even be seeking God for your “word of the year.” I pray that the positive change you are seeking becomes a permanent transformation.  

          But while you are making plans to enhance your life, might I suggest one. Consider how you are engaging with God’s Word. Do you need to develop a quiet time? Has your quiet time become routine? Is it in need of some new life and energy?  

          There has been a lot of talk about change. Most are on board, but I think all of us are bracing. Change is no fun…at least at first. But real change happens on the inside. Before we worry about what changes are coming, let’s spend 2020 focused on real change by positioning ourselves so that God can change us on the inside through His Word.

Educating, Encouraging, and Equipping,

Derrick Russell

Ephesians 4:11-16


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