Grades 6 - 12

Wednesday evenings @ 6:30pm

Sunday mornings @ 9:00am

Sunday nights @ 6:30pm

To Powerhouse Families,

        Teaching Series is entitled Own It. We live in a world where blame is being passed around faster than a dollar bill. No one wants to accept responsibility for anything. Even parents are blaming the actions of their own kids on other people. God has not called us to pass the blame or even play the blame game but to be responsible and Own It. We are called to see ourselves for who we are, broken and in need of a Savior. We are called to accept responsibility for our actions. We are called to be transformed from our old sinful nature to a new nature in Christ. This month we will talk about the importance of owning up to everything we do, the good and the bad. 

-Pastor Anthony


(All event information is available on a post card in the Youth Room.)

May 11 and 12: Strawberry Parking - What we do is help direct cars to a parking space during the festival. We accept donations which are used to help pay expenses for summer camp. Call today to reserve a parking spot for the Strawberry Festival. 

May 20: Senior Recognition - We will recognize the graduating seniors during the morning service and provide lunch for them and their families.

May 23: Out of School Celebration - This is a time we have set aside for students to celebrate with their small group leader. We do this by playing games, talking, and simply enjoying being around one another.

As Always, Bring a Friend!!